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Steven’s Mid-Season Report Card: Position Players Part II

July 15th, 2017 at 11:10 PM
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In the second installment of this Mid-Season Report Card, I will be taking a look at players 7-13 on the most Plate Appearances list this season. As one might expect, this list won’t include many all-stars or everyday starters, but rather will include more platoon players and/or part time players. These players, however, are just as important as the stars of the team, and have been playing extremely well. There have been some amazing stories and performances from this group, and as we enter the second half they will continue to play a huge role in the success of this team.

Individual Players:

Since the first installment of this series was far more controversial than I was expecting, I imagine that this second part will be even more so. Remember that this is merely my opinion of how well the player has performed thus far in 2017, and is in no way reflective of other’s opinions here at the Snake Pit. It is also not a skill rating, because if it were, then let’s be honest, some players would never get above a “B” or a “C”. Instead, it is a mix of objective analytics and subjective measures that is supposed to be a grade of how well that player has played to their potential. On with the Report Card!

Daniel Descalso (199 PA): B+

Descalso has been one of the major veteran presences on this Diamondbacks team, and he has been valuable in playing many different positions. He has played in two different World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals, and won one, so he has definitely been involved in more pressure packed situations that most on this roster. This year he has spent time at all four infield positions as well as left field so he has also provided some positional flexibility for Lovullo and the team. He has also been about as clutch as possible, having a “Clutch” …

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