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Arizona Diamondbacks Lose Arroyo to the 15 Day DL

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The Arizona Diamondbacks place Bronson arroyo on the 15 day DL.

Arizona Diamondbacks Need to Get Dodgers Batters Under Control

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The Arizona Diamondbacks face Dan Haren on Saturday night in Los Angeles,and need to get a good performance from starter Josh Collmenter.

Arizona Diamondbacks Reason for Under 500 Struggles

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The Arizona Diamondbacks has struggled to get above 500, and the reason for that is the teams defense.

Arizona Diamondbacks not Getting Much Trade Talk Around the League

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have not been mentioned in many trades before the deadline, a few options were rumored involving a big contract.

Arizona Diamondbacks Have No Representatives in This Years All-Star Game

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The Arizona Diamondbacks third basemen paul Goldschmidt is currently on the ballet for the home-run derby in the all-star game this season.